3 Tips for Better Social Media and SEO Management for your Blog

May 10th, 2013 | by onlineincomejobs.com
3 Tips for Better Social Media and SEO Management for your Blog
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When sitting in front of the computer screen with an internet connection, it is never difficult to get distracted by the various different sites unintentionally. One thinks that there is a lot of time so why not go through the facebook status once and when he logs out of his account, a lot of time has wasted already. But when you are working online to earn money, it gets even more important to manage your time effectively and efficiently to maximize the earnings. So, here are 3 tips for better SEO and Social Media Time Management. Using these tips, you can manage your time effectively.

  1. Go for one link everyday:

When it comes to SEO, the task which demands the most time from you is link building. Previously, opportunities kept showing up but now, there are not much of them. It may happen that you spend all your time in link building without getting any potentially profitable link. What you need to do is to limit the time that you give to link building. Try to find the links for 2 or 3 hours every day. If you get your hands on the one you were looking for, its great and you need to go ahead but if you don’t find one , you need to move to something else.

  1. Specify A Time Period For Writing Content:

The importance of quality content for SEO is what everyone knows so there is no need to emphasize on that thing here. All of us want to write quality content but what happens with most of us is that although there are hundreds of ideas and topics to write on but the various distractions and interruptions never allow you to put them on your page. The advice for you is to specify a time period for writing content and in that time, there shouldn’t be any interruption of any type.

  1. Efficient Trick for Managing Social Networks:

The result of experience and observation is that if you try to completely cut yourself off from the social media while using internet, you will be tempted to just log in once to see what is happening there only to log out again after two to three hours at the minimum as you cannot resist yourself for too long. So, what mostly works out is to check the activity every hour and keep working at the same time. This has been working for me and hopefully, it works for you as well.