5 Important Guidelines for an Excellent Facebook Ad Campaign

May 10th, 2013 | by onlineincomejobs.com
5 Important Guidelines for an Excellent Facebook Ad Campaign
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Although there are various other social networking websites, but the one that has gained the most attention and popularity around the globe is the facebook.

AS far as the facebook ad campaign is concerned, first of all know who you are dealing with. You can easily post ads for certain people. If you don’t use this feature in the right way, you will be bothering the people who are not interested and that will lead you to end up where you started.

1st Guideline:

Get an idea of the type of the people who are going to benefit through your service. Go for the targeted people regarding age, the income and the interests. If you think you can target different demographics, go for multiple ads that help you to target multiple demographics. As an example, if the age groups 20-30 and 55+ are your targets, go for two ads, one for the young ones in the 20-30 years and other one for those above 55.

2nd Guideline:

To get the attention, you need to be different than others. Be different from the others who are offering what you are offering. You can use the color patterns, the images and the text patterns in a way that makes your ads appear significantly different from those of the others. You need to be sure that your campaign is gathering attention.

3rd Guideline:

Use your web URL at the bottom of the ads. Use some compelling and appealing text there. You can give the discount offer notices at the bottom of the ads. There are several other tricks to this thing that you do better know.

4th Guideline:

Make sure that you respond to the traffic that is generated because you started the facebook ad campaign. You surely do not want to ignore the people who are very important to you and your business as well. So, specify a time period in which you reply to what others ask you about or something like that. You can make use of the services like the autoresponder but even at times like that, make sure that you have fixed a time with him when you will be calling him yourself.

5th Guideline:

It is always better to spend some money to and create the ad campaign. It helps you in getting the advertisement done in a very swift and fast manner. Whenever someone likes you, it will be shown to their friends who can like your page there.

No matter what your strategies are, keep working regularly and you will end up in a very cool situation.