Affiliate Marketing – Common Blunders Your Must Steer Clear Of

December 28th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Affiliate marketing is something pretty analogous to referral business; both meant for business seeking promotion. When it comes to business, traffic is obviously an important thing. However, in the present times, Internet is the supreme factor. Online businesses often appoint affiliate marketers for drawing traffic to their blog or website. Affiliate marketing is all about accommodating banners, links and product details on a blog or website and then receiving a flat fee or a certain percentage of profit whenever somebody snaps on these links and makes a purchase. Plainly speaking, affiliate marketing is the practice of trading goods or services and then receiving payments for every sale. Although loads of people opt for affiliate marketing business, just a few perform well.

There are various reasons why most individuals fail to set up successful affiliate marketing websites.  A number of people start with loads of enthusiasm, hope to receive payments directly and quit when they don’t. It takes a lot of time to build a valuable website with useful content, get a higher position in the search engine results and start drawing traffic. When your site has no traffic, you won’t be able to earn any commission. Therefore, you have to plan cautiously and use all the standard SEO strategies that you use for your main site. Read on to know about the affiliate marketing blunders that you must keep away from.

Extraneous or below standard products

Before beginning, settle on the products you wish to promote. Regardless of whether you’re building a committed website or using your current business, it’s advisable to make certain that the goods or services you promote are beneficial and are good value to people. If you deal in something that fails to live up to the buyers’ expectation, you’ll not only lose your existing customers, but also lose the trust of other potential clients. In case you’re promoting products for your own business, make certain that they are absolutely relevant. If you deal in sports equipments, but promote a site on beauty products, it won’t lead you anywhere. Besides, you might lose reliability of your consumers. The best option would be to purchase the products you’re promoting. That way, you’ll come to know just what they are. It’ll be much easier for you to advocate something when you’ve used it personally.

Avoid directing consumers straight away to the affiliate website

New affiliate marketers are mostly prone to build a website, put in some content and finally, link directly to the affiliate or product website. Although you may receive a sizeable amount of payment, you’re actually ignoring a vital point – if your consumers want to purchase more products, chances are high that they’ll visit the product site directly and avoid you totally. When a customer first visited your site, they found something special in your website and not the product website. In order to hold on to their interest, make some valuable offers in swap for their e-mail address. This way, you’ll be able to stay in touch with them and keep them updated with new promotions and offers in the upcoming days, earning more cash along the way.

No project can be successful, until you put in the right amount of effort. Besides, you need to have sufficient knowledge about what’s right and what’s wrong for your business. As a smart affiliate marketer, take help of the above mentioned tips and have your pockets full.


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