Be Bowled Over By Brand Blogging

January 21st, 2014 | by onlineincomejobs.com

The blogosphere is replete with blogs, and are now widely seen as stepping stones to building a full-fledged website.

Initially, blogs were primarily written by individuals wishing to satiate their creative instincts. But over the years, brands began to realize that blogging has great potential for branding and marketing. And now we see it as an integral part of brand communication.

Same Space, New Users


The space traditionally occupied by individuals has now been occupied by startups, educational institutes, small-medium enterprises and the non-profit sector. The entry of new actors calls for redefining the old space, but in a new way. Guest bloggers, employees, top bosses of our favourite brands (often invisible faces) are now entering the blog domain and personalizing official blogs. So collaborative blogs seem to be the trend that’s here to stay for a while.

Dwindling Advertising?


Those irritating pop-ups and distracting ads in the side columns are on the decline. Their effectiveness and reach has been saturated, hence the move to blogging has shown much success. The findings of the Technorati Digital Influence Report shows that blogs influence consumers’ purchasing decisions, and it is ranked as the third most influential medium.

Blogs: The Answer To Your (SEO) Prayers


Blogs make SEO targets so much easier. Precise keywords can help in efficient indexing and help consumers locate the brand easily. It can be a very effective strategy for the growth of your brand. Blog posts can help divert traffic to the brands main website, thus increasing inflow of traffic. A good web hosting site can do wonders for your blog popularity and you can find many options at Hosting Reviewed.


Content Unlimited!

Brands will no longer feel limited to using only a few words, limited space and just one graphic. Blogs provide a canvas to brands to display products, descriptions, carry out campaigns and a host of other activities. Loyal customers will always be updated about the ongoing sales, or any other event via the brand’s blog.



Communication between brand owners and consumers becomes less formal and more intimate via blogs. It provides a platform for customers to express themselves, give feedback on a particular service or product, and social integration. Engagement becomes vital, as the brand becomes more and more visible and blogs as an individual rather than as a company. In fact, some customers enjoy reading company blogs and often subscribe to them. This can help build a strong mailing list, which is instrumental while promoting products and developing leads.

Branding An Image

With blogging, it becomes easier for companies to build on an image (and associated characteristics) that they wish to portray to current as well as potential customers. The blog often reflects the brand’s personality which is more than just a product or a logo, thereby giving the brand more depth and character.

Blog, Already!

With your visual basics and well-written and relevant content in place, you are good to begin branding via a blog. You can either use blogging as a predecessor, an add-on or as an alternative to website. This decision entirely depends on your outlook, and the way you wish to approach your branding strategy.