October 26th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Mobile advertising is a marketing activity that is used for marketing communication for the distribution of any kind of promotional messages to customers through wireless networks.

Mobile advertising is getting fame internationally as it has lots of advantages.


  • Effective Presence: Most mobile phone users are within an arm’s reach of their devices over 90 percent of waking hours, including times when other media are not available. Normally three things are always with us that are, wallet, keys and mobile phones. Unlike magazines, newspapers, radio and even the wired Internet, Mobile advertising and marketing have always had an audience. Simply we can say that by using Mobile advertising customers can almost always be reached.
  • Improved Data Management: In comparison to other personalized messaging channels, having a unique ID and phone number will dramatically improve the consumer resource management CRM integrity for marketers. Mobile phone numbers are the core delivery addresses used by wireless carriers for all information transmissions thru them. It is important to acknowledge that the growing use of WIFI with mobile devices that gives an extra edge to mobile advertising.
  • Improved Time Relevance: The always-on and always-aware nature of mobile devices provides more timely communications than any other channel. In addition, the use of mobile SMS/MMS and mobile micro-blogging tools enable informality, message brevity and spontaneity to support conversations that seldom existed in prior Web marketing.
  • Mobility: Unlike stationary billboards, Mobile billboards move. This movement, as well as bright colors and backlighting, will give the message an added dimension to attract your audience.
  • Control Factor: Consumers control messages by screening out some and selecting those that are relevant to them at that time.  Mobile advertising can therefore be more effective if you can control when and in what situation the message is received. With Mobile Advertising, you can move your advertising exposure closer to the point of purchase, where the consumer is ready to buy.
  • Location Awareness: Knowing someone’s geographic location can be critical to engaging in a relevant conversation with them. The location provides both proximity data and contextual information, and both of these must be considered when using location-based services (LBS) to converse with customers.
  • Unlimited Advertising Modes In One Little Package: That smart phone that is always with customers can help to deliver your message in more ways than you likely ever thought possible. Text messaging, paid search advertising, organic search advertising, mobile display ads, click to call ads, app advertising, click to map advertising and proximity advertising are all possible because of Smartphone technology.
  • Affordable Advertising Rates: Rates will be only a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising such as radio and TV, and our flexible options will make effective campaigns accessible to all advertisers with all budget levels. The cost of Mobile advertising is lower than other Outdoor Mediums because it is cooperative in nature. Compare the cost of Advertising with Radio, Print, Spot TV or billboards and you will agree that there is no one more affordable means.
  • Increased Intimacy With The Device And Via The Device: Sharing of mobile devices is not unheard of, but is less common than sharing of personal computers. Mobile devices are often part of the intimate identity of their owners, who may personalize or modify their devices. Mobile devices also allow people to seek private locations for personal communications. Thus, mobile marketing conversations require a higher level of sensitivity and with less intrusiveness than found in other marketing channels.