Black Hat SEO: Six Reasons Why It May Be Expensive in the Long Run

January 22nd, 2014 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Black Hat SEO: Six Reasons Why It May Be Expensive in the Long Run
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There is widespread online competition and everybody wants to rank in the first page for industry relevant keywords. This is the battle that rages online each and every second. There are lots of ways in which you can make your site get notices by search engines. You can either use guest posting where you write topical articles and post them on other blogs then link back to your site, you can also use the social media network to promote your site and other avenues such as forums and social searches. Many people have also realized that search engines operate on a logic that is defined by its algorithm. This defines how the search engine spiders crawl a site and the particular areas that they look at for content relevance.

SEO experts are generally good people who use techniques that give the sites they are working on prominence on search engines. There is however two types of SEO experts present today whose activities are miles apart as far as ethics is concerned white Hat SEOs and Black Hat SEOs. The former are genuine professionals who use ethical and industry-wide accepted ways of making sites rank high. The other group (Black Hat SEO) refers to people who are out to manipulate the search engine so as convince it that their sites are authoritative. The following are some of the techniques they use and the dangers that lie therein.

Cracking of Algorithms

Black Hat SEOs spend lots of their times studying the modus operandi of Search engine algorithms. Their aim is to figure out how these algorithms work so that they can manipulate them and rank high. From the onset this seems a very viable and easy option to gaining visibility and online fame. Well, this is what exactly most clients fall into. The disadvantage with this however is that cracking algorithms is not easy. In the event these people succeed in doing that, such an attempt is temporal and within a very short time, the configurations change and they have to start all over again.
The cost to this practice comes when you pay someone to rank your site high and probably they use these dirty tricks on your site and within a day it stands at the top. It will however take just a day or two to see your site at the bottom again or even delisted following an algorithm update. This can be a total loss of money and loss of your entire business. Cheap is expensive and short cuts are not always the beast ways.

Keyword Stuffing and Spamming

This is one of the practices that Black Hat SEOs use to manipulate search engines. They usually access the Meta tag description panel of the site and stuff keywords because they know it is one of the areas that search engines check when ranking a site. They can also do this to the text body of the visible content n an attempt to seize all the areas that search engines look at. In the short run, this may make the site rank really well on search engine results pages but shortly afterwards when it is found out that the content and the entire site is manipulative, it may lead to severe punishment that may lower your rankings making it very costly to get back on top.

Content Isolation

This is a very illegal practice that is commonly used by the Black Hats whenever they are trying to direct traffic to a traffic hungry site that otherwise has poor ratings. What they do is that they make us of special features that that come with dynamic website construction to capture web crawlers and feed them with certain keywords and content. This will make them direct visitors to these sites when they search for particular content. Most of the times, these sites do not have anything to do with these keywords and content but rather trick users through search engine bots to visit their sites. This also leads to punishments mostly by delisting.

Content and Keyword Invisibility

This is a technique where SEOs make use of the site background to hide spam content. The content is made visible to users by making it match the background color of the website. If a site for instance has a white background, the text aimed at spamming is also given the same color attribute on CSS or HTML to confuse readers and spam the site. This is also a temporary measure that can see your entire site brought down.

Fraudulent Backlinks

Obtaining of Backlinks through unfair means such as spamming forums was very popular because experts wanted easy access to top rankings. With times however web spiders were modified not to regard links which bear the ‘no follow’ hypertext as Back links. This led to the downfall of sites again making the owners incur heavy costs to bring them back up again.

Spinning of Content

There is content software that is capable of rewriting original content to produce a copy that is 100% unique. Such spun content is usually distributed to other sites in an attempt to market a site. Because this content is 100%., many times it passes the Google’s duplicate test. However search engines have been modified to look at the relevancy of content too. Such content doesn’t usually make sense and can lead to heavy penalties and de-indexing from search engine databases. You know what this means when you run ecommerce sites.

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