Excellent Ways to Get Organic Traffic to your Website

January 22nd, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Excellent Ways to Get Organic Traffic to your Website

Organic Traffic?

Composing a blog is trending in today’s online world. Individuals often develop their own weblog for various purposes. Some do it as a hobby, while others want to generate some cash from it.

No matter what your purpose for blogging, you need readers. Without readers, a weblog is a waste of cash (if you are doing premium blogging). There are several methods to improve the guests on your web page. These improvements will provide you cash and feedback .

15 Killer Methods To Increase Organic Traffic To Your Blog:

  1. To get organic traffic, create exclusive SEO (search engine optimization) content:

The first way to get more guests is to create original, unique SEO material for your website/blog.  Google, in fact,  loves new and fresh material. That is the reason that boards are regularly indexed by them. Think about a subject and start writing about it.  Make it consist of your own views and opinions and market it successfully.

2.  Use Public Press Effectively: A second way to improve the flow of guests to your web page is by the efficient use of social media. Currently, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Google Plus are being used most as the social media platform to discuss things globally. There are other social media websites like stumbleupon and technorati, that you can use to advertise your web page or to post about your particular website. However, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Google Plus are the most well-known.

3.   Compensated Advertising: Another method to get guests is through the use of ppc (pay per click) advertising. Most webmasters allow other blog writers to use banner or text hyperlink based marketing on their web page. You might want to shell out some bucks to get listed on other blogger’s website.  An important factor that you need to consider is to use only those weblogs for ppc links that are similar in content to your own. Placing a hyperlink relevant to cash markets on a health-related weblog will not drive enough traffic to your own website.

4.   Visitor Blogging: Search out the weblogs that target the same market as yours and send them an email asking them to allow you to write a guest article on their weblog. This will allow your blog’s hyperlink to gain much more popularity and a wider audience. In the same way, allow other blog writers to submit guest articles to your website. Visitor blogging is a fantastic way to get guests from other weblogs, as you will generate a backlink from the guest articles.

5.    Add Pictures and Videos: Labeling and embedding video clips is a very efficient way to get more guests to your web page. Whenever you  add an image, provide it an ideal headline that contains the proper keyword and key-phrase as well. You can also add labels relevant to the search phrases that you think might help a person to interact with your image. This image will appear in images area of the global search engine if your labels and headline are right. Use of ideal keyword and key phrase oriented headlines will draw many more guests to your web page.

6.    Boost the Word Count: Short articles of around 500-600 words will not generate enough attention from your readers. Quality and quantity of content of the weblog is also an important aspect. You need to improve the quality of material, in turn that will help you to improve the quantity of guests. One more factor that you need to keep in mind is the use of inner links. Use of inner hyperlinks not only improves the time a customer spends on your web page; but it will enable them to interact with other web pages through you, which will improve your reputation.

7.    Participate in Communities and Forums: If your web page is health-related, then seek out those weblogs or boards that are in the same market.  Regularly check out those boards and publish feedback to develop relationships with other individuals that are posting.  Most communities and forums allow you to insert your own web or blog site hyperlink in the signature, which brings more guests to your web page.

8.    Evaluate Visitor Traffic: Use Google Statistics tools, which are at no cost to you, and install their code on your web page. After a month or so, use that tool to evaluate the guests. See where most of the guests are coming from, what are the most frequent search phrases for which your webpages appear, and which are the most visited pages of your web page. Focus on those webpages which are not producing any guests at all and those that are successfully producing more guests for your web page. This will tell you which pages create more opportunity and which pages need more improvement.  Additionally, install a Spider Crawl Rate analysis program.  It logs every single visit by a search engine spider into a database.  This allows you to analyze which pages are being spider crawled the most, and more importantly, why.

9.    Use Trackbacks: Trackbacks allow you to refer someone else’s article from your own.  Say you have written an article on “How to lose weight” and want to create referrals to some other publication within your article. You can add a hyperlink to the other publications you want within your own article. Once the other blog writer grants the referral, it will show up in his/her feedback area. It is yet another way to drive traffic to your blog/site. Try to keep your material original and diversified, so that the blog writer does not remove the trackback.

10.   Create Controversial Posts: Create something on a subject that is extremely controversial. Voice your own opinion, perspective or take on someone or something that is currently in the news. An example would be; elections are going to held soon in your country or state.  Write an article that includes highlights of some of the biggest failures of the present government, or gives an unjust advantage to the opposite party in your article. A controversial article on religion will surely draw traffic to your web page and forums.

11.    Respond to Blog Comments: Always respond to feedback that readers leave on your web page. This is required to interact with other blog writers. While a lot of the comments will fall under the category of junk, the rest of the comments will come from those individuals who liked your blog’s material.

12.   Write Problem Solving Posts: While writing articles, it should always be useful to the customer. Composing and submitting articles on solving problems that the reader routinely encounters, will generate more visitors to your website. When a reader finds your web page as a place where they can discover solutions to their problems, they will become loyal readers.  This benefits you because they are most likely to suggest your web page to other individuals. This means you will get returning as well as unique readers.

13.    Use Keyword Analysis Tools: Use Google’s General market trends tool to discover what other individuals are looking for on search engines. This will provide a fair idea as to what in your market people are drawn to.

14.    Apply for Google Authorship: Google Authorship is one of the new methods to capture a readers attention towards your web page. This allows you to show your user profile picture in front of your own article that appears in the google listing pages(SERPS), when a reader does a search, it is extremely probable that they will simply select the hyperlink that contains information and a picture, as it becomes trustworthy in the eyes of the reader.

15.    Blog Commenting: Leaving comments, no doubt, has become the most preferred way to generate a backlink from another weblog.  Subscribe to some well-known weblogs including Progblogger.net and copyblogger.com. Whenever a new article is released, take a minute or two to give your perspective of the article.  Give a useful opinion so that the other blog writer allow that opinion and provide your web page a new backlink. When some other individuals see your opinion, a few of them may simply click on your hyperlink, and this will create some new guests for your web page.

The real achievement is not to just get guests to your web page.  The real achievement is to interact with those guests and have them love your web page enough that they will be a resource of no-cost promotion. This can only be done with excellence of content on your web page. Updating your web page with high quality SEO and interesting material regularly will improve the quantity of guests that visit. If a reader likes your material, then they will return regularly to see new updates. Furthermore, they will also suggest your web page to their friends and the chain will begin. Moreover, if some of your customers discuss your material on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus’s user profile, it is a resource of no-cost marketing. So keep it fresh and interesting, and you will create loyal readers.

I hope the above-mentioned tips will help you to improve traffic to your blog. However, I must say again, that you are not looking to get traffic to visit your website once; but rather to attract return traffic without the need of marketing. Use those visitors to drive no-cost traffic, and you will not have to waste money and resources to maintain visitors on a consistent basis.  There are several other methods are that can be used, but it is not possible to review all of them in one article. For the purposes of this post, I tried to sum up the major ones that will help you improve the guests to your web page and increase organic traffic to your blog and website!

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