Get Your Message Across to a Skeptical Audience

June 3rd, 2015 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Get Your Message Across to a Skeptical Audience


Persuasion researchers know that decision-makers will often place their faith less in what is being said, and more in who is saying it. For good reason–following a trusted authority often reduces feelings of uncertainty. In today’s constantly changing business environment, it’s increasingly the messenger that carries sway, not the message. Therefore, it’s crucial that you convince your audience you have the necessary expertise to make a recommendation – which can present problems if you lack credibility. You need to be seen as competent and knowledgeable, yet recounting a list of your accomplishments, successes and triumphs, however impressive, will do little to endear you to others. No one likes a braggart. But arranging for someone to do it on your behalf can be a remarkably efficient tactic in overcoming the self-promotion dilemma.

Source: hbr.org