Google Updates AdWords with Pay by Viewable Impression CPM Bidding

January 14th, 2014 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Google Updates AdWords with Pay by Viewable Impression CPM Bidding

Google recently introduced a brand new feature for AdWords, the Pay by Viewable Impressions. This search engine giant is leading all the way with its viewable impressions and many users are glad to hear this news. Find out more below.

First, let’s take a brief look on Google Adwords.

Google creates the most targeted, effective and easily measurable types of advertising and marketing. With the help of Google AdWords, it is possible to reach out to millions within seconds. This is a good way to get in the face of the appropriate audience to sell your services or products to visitors across the world. However, you have to take a number of steps to truly harness the power of this incredible system if you want to maximize your end results whilst minimizing the cost.

In what is viewed as a significant move, the CPM bidding viewable impression was rolled out by Google recently. Ads are deemed as viewable if at least fifty percent of the surface area is in the viewable section for one second minimum in the browser window. Now, AdWords advertisers are able to do CPM bidding through viewable impressions. The ads are considered viewable by Active View reporting.

With this update, advertisers are only going to be charged for the ad impressions which can be viewed by users’ in-screen, instead of on the customary served impression basis. Bear in mind that charges are made by served impression for the traditional form, whether or not the ad was visible onscreen. Reports show that users never see about 31% of the display ads.

Pay by viewable impressions method is a more measureable and definite form that will make sure that the advertisers can optimize their ad budget and get exactly what is paid for, which is attention from viewers.

Google has also added an update for AdWords reporting as part of the roll out and this include the Active View metrics, Active View average CPM and viewable click through rate.

All the campaigns which run on Google Display Network will have access to the Viewable CPM bidding. When it comes to display advertising Google is the market leader, so the move to provide viewable impression bidding is highly likely to boost the whole industry to embrace the view-ability standard.

Overall, this new feature on Google Adwords is a welcome change from the traditional model that charges advertisers on the served impressions which don’t necessarily mean that users are seeing the ad. There is not a lot of noise from Google about this brand new feature, so you should definitely keep up to date to get all the new information.