Google Penguin Panda Updates to Identify Quality Link Building

November 10th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Google Penguin Panda Updates to Identify Quality Link Building

Google’s Penguin Panda,  keeps reminding the marketers and website owners about quality link building and its importance. After the Google Penguin update, it has been clear that Google wants people to focus more on quality link building rather than just link building. Despite Google’s stress on quality, many people still tend to ignore it and fail to understand Google’s cautions. Google uses Panda algorithm to evaluate link building and it is being updated continuously. Due to this reason quality link building is very important. Most people do not even know what quality links are which is the reason why they do not get any benefits from link building.

If you write articles and submit it to directories to get more views that is a good strategy. But you must know that Google does not consider most of the directories. In order to get real views, make sure that the directories you submit your articles to gets a lot of traffic. If you are submitting articles to a dead directory then it would not be helpful at all. There are many social bookmarking sites as well that get a lot of traffic and views. Submitting your content and website’s link to such pages can be a good idea because these pages get regular views from real people. You can also comment on blogs that get regular views and link back to your website. Make sure that the topic of the blog is relevant to your website as in this way you can build quality links. If you post your website’s links on irrelevant blogs and comment continuously then you will be regarded as a spammer and that would not help in quality link building.

The general rule is that if you are posting links just to get high ranks in the search engine, then that is not what is called quality link building. Link building must have a purpose attached to it and must be meaningful. Google is smart enough to know whether people are doing it just for the ratings or not and beating Google is not what ordinary people can do. In order to make the task more meaningful you should look for websites that have quality audience and high amount of traffic. You should also look for an audience that has a direct interest in your website’s content. Quality link building will attract real people to your website whereas poor link building will just try to get a high number of audiences that would not even matter. Google’s algorithms and updates are strong enough to distinguish between quality and poor link building.

While doing the exercise of link building, you should think long term. The poor link building exercises used to work years ago and even brought benefits but now Google has powerful updates and software to identify such links and eliminate the benefits. With quality link building you can have long term viewers who actually have interest in your website’s content and will visit your website regularly and even participate in discussions or comment on posts. With this long term approach you can build your own way to success.

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