How Important is your Quality Score to your Website?

May 13th, 2013 | by onlineincomejobs.com
How Important is your Quality Score to your Website?

Everyone involved in search engine advertising is aware that Quality Score is very important.
But you might have no idea that Quality Score is much more important today then it ever

AdWords PPC promotions allow website owners to promote their services or products to
slot customers on internet. To make sure that the advertisements get noticed by one’s niche
customers, “Quality Score” is a method used by AdWords to guide the customers.

The quality score range is 1 to 10. 1 to 5 is low, while 7 to 10 is high. To succeed a PPC
promotion, an advertiser will need an average of 7 to 10 for the advertisements.

Here are some factors that are influenced by Quality Score.

1. The reputation of your advertisement in search engines depends on Quality Score.
Low quality advertisements will need effort to get featured on the first page.
2. The cost per click on the advertisement is also determined by Quality Score. And
even the conversion rate depends on it.
3. Advertisements which achieve high scoring tend to respond better towards dynamic
keyword insertion.

How to Improve the PPC Quality Score:

1. Advertisement and Keyword Relevance

The duplicate of the advertisement, keywords and landing page used to indicate the
advertisement should relate to each other.

For instance, If the landing page has the information related to ‘WordPress themes’, the
keywords are related to “Blogger themes” and the advertisement copy does not gave any of
the keywords, then the whole campaign will fail.

2. Quality of content on landing Page

The landing page should reveal the same services or products that are agreed and promised in
the advertisements. The content should be of high quality. The contact information, privacy
policy, TIC documentation and disclaimer should be clear on landing page. There should be
no sponsored advertisements or links.

3. Relevancy of keywords:

There should be relevancy of keywords in the search engines because there are some
keywords that are not searched at all. Therefore, choose the keywords carefully and make
sure that they are being searched.

So, keep the above things in mind as these can make your Quality Score high if you follow
the methods correctly, and they can backfire if you don’t.

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