How is Twitter Good For Your Business with Re-tweeting

November 14th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

A lot of people are getting used to tweet through Twitter and it has become a major part of many people’s lives. There are few users who make original tweets whereas others just re-tweet. Re-tweeting takes much less effort and time, therefore it is easier. On the other hand, making new tweets requires effort as well as time. According to some online researches it has been estimated that the amount of original tweets has fallen by around 7% whereas the amount of re-tweets is rising. Whether these statistics mean anything is yet to be decided.


Re-tweets help in spreading the word of the brand that has created the actual original tweet. In this way, re-tweets actually contribute towards bringing new potential customers. But there is also a downside of re-tweets. When people start re-tweeting everything, it gets messy and starts looking like spam or unnecessary advertisement. It often clutters up people’s homepages which is a threat to losing out on useful information. Also re-tweets are long and when someone comments on them, it is likely that the original tweet will be trimmed and its message will be altered and lose its meaning. Additions of links in the tweets also lead to misleading information as the important aspect of the tweet is not read.


There are some people who do not add comments to a brand’s original tweet while re-tweeting and this preserves the original purpose of message. But this does not necessarily means that it is always helpful. Most people love to read comments about particular news. So when someone re-tweets something without his or her opinion about it, the reader might lose interest in the tweet and just move on with his life. But if there is a comment added, this brings an opportunity for the reader to actually ponder over the written message and think about it.

There are many people who take advantage of re-tweets. When people re-tweet a brand’s message, they often add a link to the tweet which often works as an affiliate link. Study has shown that such activity has risen by around 20% and most people are taking the additional step of adding a link to the re-tweet. This is actually a good tactic of marketing and can boost the marketing power of the brand. Twitter works in mysterious ways and forces people to act. Twitter has a section where it shows what is trending on a particular day. When people look at the list and find something specific interesting, they go on to a search engine and look it up to find out more about it. Similarly, most people do this same activity when a tweet does not carry links to any website with further knowledge and information. Such human behavior of looking things up out of curiosity eliminates the need of adding links to the tweets but people still do it at an increasing rate.

Everyday more and more people are visiting Twitter and using their precious time on Twitter to read tweets of the interested people and brands. This is a great opportunity for brands and marketers to grab potential customers and be heard.