How To Get Indexed by Bing and Yahoo and add your CNAME to Godaddy

November 14th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Have you ever wondered how come your website is not showing up in Bing and Yahoo? Bing and Yahoo have merged, so they share the same search engines now. They are both very powerful for your online traffic and SEO, so this is a must! I personally like the Godaddy way, it is very simple and I will give steps by steps on how to do this.

Here we go:

1. Add the site in Bing Webmaster Tools

2. Scroll to the bottom of the Verify Site Ownership page. The unique alphanumeric code is provided.

3. Login to your GoDaddy account where your domain is hosted.

4. Under the Domains menu, choose Domain Management.

5. Choose the domain you want to create the CNAME (Alias) record.

6. Click the Launch link under the DNS Manager section.

7. At the bottom of the CNAME (Alias) section, click the Quick Add link.

8. In the Host box, enter the alphanumeric value provided by Bing.

9. In the “Points To” box, enter:  verify.bing.com

10. Click the “Save Zone File” button in the upper right area of the page.


If you have any questions, just contact me and I will help you!