How to Make the Old Blog Content to Work For You

December 28th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Every week you write your blog post and you get a moderate amount of traffic as a result. As time goes on your blog gets bigger and bigger and you start to realize that even if your blog posts only take you half an hour to write (which is lightening fast in the world of writing) that your blog represents a significant investment of your time. Every old blog post represents time out of your life that you have used, and the catalogue of information you have produced is still getting bigger. It seems a shame to allow all of that information to sit on your blog, at the back end of oblivion. So what do you do with it? Here are a few ideas of what you can do with this investment of your time.


Reuse the old


This is a dirty old trick but is one that is used by people all the time. You take your blog posts and your articles down, you keep them for six to eight months until you are sure that all online references to them and all online indexing to them has disappeared. You then re-post that old post on your blog. If it is very old then there is little chance that most of your blog readers will have seen it previously.


There is a chance that your hardcore readers will have seen it and recall it vaguely, but this will not matter too much if you do not do it too often. If you use this trick every now and again then your hardcore and long-time readers should not notice. Do not forget that if your blog posts have links pointing at them that you are going to break those links if you use this method. It may be a good idea to check your post for backlinks before you take it offline.


Re-write the old


This is similar to taking down your old blog posts, but instead of removing them from the blog you rewrite them. You go back to your oldest blog posts and you re-write the content. You rewrite the content with a view to the fact that most of your readers will not have gone back and read all of your old blog posts, and yet your old blog posts still hold information that is relevant to today, and contains information that can be used by your current readers.


Do an overview of the old and reference it


Look upon your old blog posts as the pages of an old book. Every now and again, you can do blog posts that consist of an overview of a few of your old blog posts. You can do a blog post that covers four of five of your old blog posts, and after each overview, you can add a link to your old blog post. You can look upon these types of blog posts as an index for your old blog posts, or as a preview of blog posts you have done in the past. These types of blog posts can actually be quite helpful to your readers. You give the reader a bit of information on a certain subject and then you show them where they can research into extra reading about the subject. The only difference is that instead of giving them a link to some unknown authority site, you are giving them a link to your own blog posts that you did in the past.


Update and repost the old


This is a similar technique to the one mentioned earlier where you reuse the old. Where you take down your old blog posts, and you reuse the content a few months later when the Internet has forgotten all about it. The difference with this technique is that you update your blog post to bring it into the modern era. Most blog posts will expire at some point.


There are always things mentioned within a blog post that are going to be affected by time. It may be a change in technology or a change in ideas. It may even be the passing of a certain person who is mentioned in your blog post. Whichever the case may be you will often find that you can update your old blog posts to bring them back up to date. If you can do this then you should, since leaving the old outdated blog post online is only going to see it ignored by the masses.


People seem to have a lust for the more modern text and seem to shun old text. This is especially true in the academic world, where people will disregard books that were written as early as the 1980’s, even though the research and facts within are still faultless. There are books that are hundreds of years old that are still full of value, and yet people disregard them because of their age. Do not let the same thing happen with your old blog posts.


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