Importance of Offline Marketing

October 26th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

During the recent years internet popularity has touched new heights due to which some people think that Offline Marketing has become obsolete. It is true that nowadays a lot of people use the internet but in small cities and villages people are not familiar with computer even. Therefore saying that Offline Marketing has become outdated is not true. In many cities you can still see flyers and brochures in many people hand. There are lots of billboards having different advertisement on them. Many people use television, listen radios and read newspaper. So advertising in these mediums is also very profitable. Hence Offline Marketing is still very much in in the society and you cannot deny its importance.

There are several advantages of Offline Marketing. Some of them are listed below:

  • Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is one of the major advantages of Offline Marketing. You can launch a brand awareness campaign by setting up different activities under your brand name. If your brand is related to children then you can arrange different fun activities for children through which people will get awareness about your brand.
  • Trust: There are many people who don’t believe in online marketing and have strong belief in Offline Marketing. So many people have trust on those products which are being offered using offline advertisement. There are many spams and scams  going on in online advertising therefore people don’t trust on the products being offered in online advertisement.
  • Easy Tracing: Offline Marketing is considered to be a more physical type of advertisement because people can easily trace down the advertiser.
  • Walking advertisements: Offline advertisement can also be named as walking advertisements. For example you put on a sticker about your brand on the back of your car. A lot of people will read that sticker and will interact with you to gather information about your product or brand. Similarly you print shirts bearing your brand name and information about your product. This will also contribute towards marketing and advertisement of your product.
  • Effect time: In online advertisement the time period, after which you realize that your advertising campaign is going well, is very long but in Offline Marketing you soon realize that your advertising campaign is effective or not. If you give an ad in a newspaper and that newspaper is distributed among millions of people every day then in a short span of time it is a possibility that many people will buy your product.
  • Longevity: it is another advantage of offline advertising. In online marketing after sometime your ad is replaced by another ad but in newspaper or television your ad remains for a longer period of time. If you have given an ad in newspaper people might cut of your advertisement from the newspaper and save it for future contact.

One important thing which should be kept in mind is that you must put any contact information or URL of your website, if there is any, on the advertisement because once you grab the attention of people you must make them your customer. If there is no contact information and they want to know about your product after viewing the advertisement then what they will do?

Offline Marketing is a very effective technique and you can make it more effective by giving away complementary gifts or products with your company name or your brand name written on it. Hence it is concluded that Offline Marketing is still very much popular and advantageous.