Using Snippets in Google Hummingbird

January 14th, 2014 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Using Snippets in Google Hummingbird

The hummingbird is the latest update of Google with their search algorithm and it is by far the most important update they had in more than ten years. The update gets rid of sites that offer poor content so only relevant result information are seen during search queries. It is a “conversational search” as what Google calls it.

The Knowledge Graph or the database for Google searching contains billions of data you can query for. to organize the information on your website, the use of rich snippets in Schema.org is recommended.

Here are a few tips you could follow to conform the Google Hummingbird to your site’s contents:

Give great importance to Microdata

If you want people to find your website easily, proper structuring needs to be applied to the contents of your web pages so people could understand them easily. It is best if you find ways to let the search engine know how each part of information are related to one another. Here is a sample markup that uses Microdata:
itemscope itemtype=”http://website.org/Person”>
<span itemprop=”name”>Kiefer Smith</span>
<span itemprop=”titleOfJob”>Chef</span>


Listing of Special SERP and Rich Snippets

Have you tried searching in Google lately? If you did, you would notice that Google usually gives out the related information with the rich snippets’ help. The hummingbird brings out results that are and better and more relevant to the query. Those websites who incorporated rich snippets in their contents are given more priority.


Provide Microdata that supports as many languages as possible

English may be the basic language for the current Microdata but you can change it to conform with other languages as well. This gives you a great advantage especially when people from other countries use Google using their local dialects.


Increase your business visibility

You can put more data about your business with the use of Microdata markup. Adding more information about your company will make it more visible to the search engine.


There are more advantages in having niche websites

If your website is of a certain niche, then it is surely going to boost in ranking. Incorporate your niche services and products with markup schemes to make your web pages even better.


Incorporate your data to Google’s Knowledge Graph with the help of Microdata

Upon searching on a famous personality on Google, you would notice that the best web page that contains all the necessary information about your search would be displayed on the right side of the screen along the webpage’s resource and links.


Your existing content must be updated.

Adding more content to your website is going to increase your chances of being displayed by Hummingbird. This is easy with the use of blogging platforms.

Conform to the given standards by testing your markup
Use the Structured Data Testing Tool to see the Microdata you have in your page.

Google Hummingbird and Microdata have added a little complexity in search engine optimization. This serves as a challenge to the creators of content. To boost your rankings in the search, learn how to use the Schema.org markup properly on your web pages.


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