Japanese Creatives are reinventing the Barcode

January 21st, 2014 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Japanese Creatives are reinventing the Barcode

Japanese firm D-Barcode, has re-designed some new unique catchy barcodes, its not everyday you think about designing barcodes.  Many people take art and creativity  for granted. but D-Barcode, has created very super cool creative designs to catch every buyers eye. Just when you thought shopping was getting old, now you have something to look forward too!

D-Barcode, has been doing this since 2005, and some of there creative designs start from $1500, upwards to $4,000 and upwards, with a renewal license of $200 a year for licensing. For any upcoming future entrepreneurs that are ready to launch there product, maybe you should check out this company to have there unique ideas on your product. Check out some of there designs below.

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