October 26th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Mobile advertisement is a form of advertising that is communicated to the consumer through the handset. Indeed Mobile advertisement is also known as the wireless marketing. For instance, a consumer’s communication with a website from a desktop computer at home.

Major types of Mobile advertisement are:

  • SMS (Short Message Service): Mobile companies advertise their promotions and packages in the form of text messages.
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service): Alike SMS, it adds the facility of videos, audios and pictures to the contents of the message.
  • WAP site (Wireless Application Protocol): When we click on a website while using the internet, the website first checks if our mobile device can display their content or not. WAP sites are different for different mobile devices specially designed according to the device’s capability. Every organization is now competing towards having their own WAP site.
  • Wap storefront:  It is a site containing content that might interest the user and is provided by another company.
  • Mobile Application: Software solutions that power the business logic for mobile marketing. Mobile advertisement is usually seen as the Mobile Web Banner and Mobile Web Poster.
  • Mobile Web Banner: When consumers click on advertising units, they link to either a pre-published WAP site or a jump page with special feature including: Externally hosted branded WAP site, Jump page WAP site with text and a header image.
  • Mobile Web Poster: Mobile Web poster is at bottom of page banner which appears while the requested mobile web page is loading.


Interactivity through Mobile Advertisements:

Nowadays mobile companies are making ads with simple text which are not very catchy and people cannot interact with the companies. Companies also make very creative and catchy ads but they cannot be sent to every mobile as it may not convey them well. Technology might carry this task well and introduce ways of interaction between brands and general public.

Behavioral Targeting:

Mobile advertisers use habitual ways of targeting like device, demographic group. But the trend seems to change in the near future where mobile advertisers will take in account location and attitude of people.


Instant Purchasing:

Mobile advertising provides with you with a power called as instant purchasing power. This was present in the internet but now it has also been provided in the mobile advertising. There is a very good example of such purchasing in Japan. They have opened a super store in Japan where there are no physical items present. There are different pictures on the shelves with a unique code written on them. You take a picture of these items and when you go to check out you can receive your physical items from there and pay for them.

Banner Ads:

Banner ads are also recognized as rectangular or box ads or they are also called spray and pray ads. Everyone, including marketers, consumers and users of mobile phone, thinks that Mobile ads  are very cheap as well as very effective also. If $10 are spent on advertising then $2 are spent on mobile advertising which means mobile advertising is not much popular and still needs to spread in the market.