Mobile Marketing Tools for Business

May 13th, 2013 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Mobile Marketing Tools for Business
Mobile Advertising

The usage of mobile had already increased but now it has increased in those matters that were not very
much usual in earlier days like shopping, advertising and all.

So this means mobile can not be ignored now. In United States, U.K and many other countries mobile
is preferred for purchasing stuff in comparison to a personal computer. So here is what you can do for
your business.

1. Responsive/Impressive Design:

To make your blog or website mobile-friendly, responsive design is a kind of web architecture that will
make the your site content dynamic and flexible including the text, images, forms and etc. The sites
respond and confirm the device that user is using, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or desktop. You
might have seen some perfect examples of responsive design and that is what we are discussing here.

2. Suitable content:

If you visit a famous website( having mobile feature as well) from a desktop, you will notice several
levels of navigation, large images and few special offers. And if you visit the same website from your
mobile device, you will find a totally different content. The web designers exclude those things which
people are not going to use or want to see when visiting from a mobile device.

3. Facebook Mobile Advertisements:

Currently, Facebook has currently about 680 million active mobile users on monthly basis, reportedly
47% of the people who use social platforms access their favorite social platforms from phones or other
mobile devices. Well, currently the most popular free mobile application is Facebook.

Majority of Facebook users are visiting Facebook from their mobile devices, so mobile should be
your goal before the normal site appearance and features. It means that all of the content including
advertising, should be very easy to read and can be engage with from mobile device.

So the bottom line is that businesses who are not considering mobile for their Facebook advertising are
missing a large and growing number of audience.

4. Yelp App:

Yelp is one of the most used mobile applications today. The usage and number of users are in millions
and reviews have been written by the user of this app. So the point is that you make sure that your
business information should be accurate, current, monitored and up to date on Yelp.

Monitoring reviews, on Yelp and similar review sites, is also essential. It gives you valuable insight as to
how your business is doing and what you could do to make it better.

5. Third party assistance:

Sometimes the users are not able to use the social media apps and this might be a drawback for the
business as well because the pages they want to visit have your advertisements and campaigns. So for
that you can use third party assistance to allow them use the apps within the website.

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