October 26th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Now a days everyone is so much obsessed with online marketing that we have forgotten the importance and advantage of offline marketing. It is not like online market is not good or something like that. The point is that offline marketing should be given its proper place in the society. There are several offline marketing ideas which can be adopted to boost up your product’s popularity. Some of them are discussed below:


  • ·         Use Radios, newspaper and TV: Using offline mediums for advertisement is a very effective technique. Many people now a days read newspaper, listen radio and watch television. Therefore there is more possibility that people will listen, watch or read your advertisement and contact you to buy your product or gather information about your product.


  •  Call Tracking: This is a very old and traditional offline marketing technique to give away flyers and brochures on streets and busy traffic signals. One thing which should be added in this technique is that you should print phone numbers on these flyers and brochures. There should be a separate phone number for every area in which you distribute your brochures or flyers. In this way you can keep a track of phone calls you receive from different customers. By those phone calls you can also analyze that from which area you are getting more calls from and you can focus on those areas from where you are getting low response.


  • Direct mail marketing: To generate good revenue and to increase your sales you should adopt direct mail marketing. You should send your product details, details and other information via direct mail. If you send mail to the right person who is really interested in knowing your product and to buy your product then you will be able to increase your sales significantly.


  • Sponsorship: You should sponsor different events like marathons, charity matches, plays and different shows so that your company or brand name can be written out there are people come to know about your company or brand. You can also sponsor any match and print your company or brand logo on the shirts of the players. This will also have a positive effect on your company’s performance.


  • Holiday Cards: The most effective tactic to increase your sales and make loyal customers is to send holiday cards to your customers. By doing so you will be able to create a sense of relationship between your company and customers. You should send out holiday and greeting cards to every customer without any discrimination.


  • Utilize Call Hold: If any customer calls customer service of your company and call goes on hold if a representative is busy then you should not waste that time and play any advertisement of your product so that the customer doesn’t get bored and he will also get to know about your different products and services.


In offline marketing one thing is very important and that is you must have your business or visiting card with your contact number and company name on it. You never know when you meet a prospect and you need to give out your number so that he can gather information about the company or the product.