October 27th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

In this world there are two modes of advertising or marketing. One is online marketing and the other is offline marketing. Now a days online advertising is very much in and popular as compared to offline advertising. The internet is becoming popular day by day and people are moving into the internet world and leaving newspapers and televisions behind. For instance you want to look for a place will you reach out yellow pages or simply google it. The answer is obvious that you will google it and the problem is solved. You might not use google but you will surely login to your social media forums like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace or other online forum.

Lets have a comparison between offline advertising and online advertising:

Offline Advertising Online Advertising
  • When you use offline advertising, it is a general concept that you will reach thousand or millions of people but the reality could be different from your supposition. For example: you give an advertisement in newspaper whether it is a local or national newspaper, it is obvious that many people will get it and read it but you don’t know whether you will be able to reach your targeted audience or not. To reach your targeted audience you can give an advertisement in specialist magazine but drawback is that these magazines are not in reach of most of the people.
  • You are most likely unable to track your campaign. If your ad appears in a paper and a potential customer call you then you cannot always ask them that how you came to know about us. Unless you are running a coupon discount scheme or printing separate phone number for different offline advertising modes.
  • In offline advertising, you often advertise locally but if you have to advertise on a larger scale than it can become quite expensive.
  • In an offline advertisement you print ads on flyers and leaflets which are once printed cannot be changed or altered.
  • In online advertising you reach out to less people but they are your target audience. For example: you post an advertisement on Facebook then you have the option to choose your audiance by:
    • Country
    • Interest
    • Age
    • Demographics
This means that your ad will be seen by your target audience only.

  • In online advertising you can track your campaign in a more effective way. There are many ways of tracking available online like you can use google analytics, insight on social forums, like Facebook, to gather information about your potential customers. You can track where your customer came from and so much more.
  • Online advertising is much cost effective on any scale. Facebook has approximately 950 million users so advertising on Facebook can be very beneficial.
  • In online advertisement you can change your ad anytime you want. You can change it quickly and without any extra cost.


In the above discussion you have seen the basic differences between online and offline advertising but this does not mean you should completely diminish offline marketing . It is of use in some areas and is sometimes more effective than online marketing. Which ever advertising you are using just remember to make it effective.