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January 23rd, 2013 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Be a guest blogger is hard work. You have to find new blogs, deal with them, ask for guest posting. Often, it is the ability of communication plays a major role. Even if your content is original and brilliantly cool, your main task is to know how to submit it. As with any craft, guest blogging has tips and tricks about which you can learn only from personal experience or from the experience of other bloggers. And, believe me, every blogger has something to teach. At these infographics are just some basic details, which must take into account every guest blogger.


Choose your area

Of course, writing for everyone could bring you more links and guest post opportunities, but won’t make you really good guest blogger. Choose the topic in which you are an expert and write for blogs on this subject. Also you can use effective queries (“topic+blog+submit” etc.) and quickly find blogs to publish your content.

Distribute your content

Unique and quality content is must have for every guest blogger. But leave your best and time-consuming content for best blogs. Do not spend a lot of time writing a scientific article for the novice blog. Appreciate your work.

Cherchez la femme

Do not think about or plastic surgery! The thing is, statistically, women bloggers are easier to establish contact. Of course, if you are known as a specialist in a particular field, your gender does not play any role. It is all about credibility.

Inspect the blog


You should carefully explore the blog before contacting with it and offer your content.


Do not forget about time zones


You engage with bloggers from different countries and time zones. To make communication and content appropriate and timely you should always take into account the time difference.


Be persistent, but not intrusive


Not always we can immediately achieve the desired. Sometimes you need to make a few suggestions to get the desired link. But be careful and considerate as excessive obsession may scare.


Use different capabilities


Look carefully for all the news and innovations in the blogosphere. Internet is evolving and changing with the speed of light and the need to keep pace with these changes.

Use Twitter for new opportunities, subscribe to the Blogger Linkup, create an account on MyBlogGuest and Blogsyenergy.com etc.


That’s all. Good luck with your guest blogging and share your own tips through comments.


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