Protect your Website from Google SEO Penalties in 5 Easy Ways

May 13th, 2013 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Protect your Website from Google SEO Penalties in 5 Easy Ways

Nowadays people are very much worried about their websites and businesses. In this article we will
discuss the 5 ways to protect your website from getting slammed. And if you have experienced this
before than this would be really helpful for recovery.

1. Audit and check your Links each month:

You should use backlinks and keep the knowledge of which of your links are of high peculiarity and
which are low peculiarity. There are some very useful SEO tools which we can use to protect our
backlinks. Keep checking your links and mails and even the mails you have sent as you can need them at
time of any issue. You can choose any of the guard tool for your backlinks and be puntual in doing this
audit every month.

2. Anchor Density:

Do keep noticing the anchor density of the keywords as the anchor density changes constantly as the
new links are built.

3. Link Ratios:

Below are some of the ratios that are always considered for monitoring the health of a site.

* Link Type: Image-Text-Mentions

* Link Location: Paragraph-Link List-In Content-Sidebar-Header

* Domain Theme: Business, Reference, Computers, News, Portals

* Site Type: General, CMS, Blog, Social Network, Link Directory

* Site wide Ratio

* Deep Links Ratio

For instance, if too many links come from Link Directories, then this will show an imbalance and
normally we will try to build the swap links in order to emanate an impressive and healthy backlink

4. Monitor your Webmaster Tools account

This is quite clear though we cannot even tell that how many site owners guard their websites and who
do not guard.

Watching a link that Google shows in your comment can help us to find the cryptic links which will let us
know the ranking of our site according to google. By keeping tabs on these links will ultimately help us in
the issues of low peculiarity or even in disastrous links.

Google Bot is probably carrying difficulty for the access of your site, or there is something wrong with
your server plus there are many and many of the page errors. Monitoring your webmaster account
for your website’s health will ultimately make us aware of what is going on and will minimize serious
problems before they turn into penalties or result in decrease of rankings.

5. Build high quality links:

Try to build high quality link for your website and keep an eye on what your site is going through.