RSS feeds in Website Traffic Creation

October 25th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) was intended to easily deliver the headlines and web contents. RSS automatically updates and allow personalized view of many websites. RSS was designed to show selected data of a website, due to its less data consumption it gets easily updated on cell phones and PDA.

There are millions of authors who write about millions of topics each day and it can become a really difficult to keep track of them every day for users. This is where RSS jumps in to rescue which enables the automation of updated content on a website.

RSS is beneficial for entities like news sites, blogs, forums; which updates frequently. RSS is beneficial for users who regularly use the web and needs to stay updated about a set of information the user is interested in, thus saving the time by individuals visiting the site. You can also ensure that your privacy is not compromised by subscribing to the news feed as done by email subscriptions.

RSS is the quickest way to share content and helps in connecting with the online community. RSS can serve to provide a new traffic for your website; a website which search for their niche contents on the web and find your contents interesting can provide valuable back links to your site. In this way RSS can bring you considerable high traffic.

RSS is designed in XML format, as the coding is lightweight and does not require much data packets to retrieve information. Each RSS text file contains both static and dynamic information about the site and about 15 items can be displayed on each RSS channel. The details of authorship and publishing dates are usually included as metadata.

XML is similar to HTML; tags are utilized in both with an exception in XML that you can make up your own tags. Those tags can define objects of the structure of the information which helps RSS in displaying the information required by the subscriber.

RSS can be utilized in setting up RSS feed marketing and one of the critical factor is to know are your clients needs and wants. The best way is to know what the clients have to say and you can do this through a feed reader.

RSS feeds can be read using an RSS reader, interface can comprise of web-based, mobile based or desktop based. You can subscribe by entering in the feed’s URL or by clicking on the feed icon in a web browser that subscribes the RSS feeds delivery.

An RSS feed can be promoted by creating a link on your website, by which users can paste the URL into their feed reader. The commonly used RSS icon is an orange rectangle with a white radio wavelike symbol inside. It is widely recognized and usually follows the best practices of not using a text.

The best and easiest way to submit an RSS feed for your website is to put up a blog, blogging software usually contain built in code that submits the feed of new contents to RSS directories. Blogging software usually does not require documentation but customizing the blog to your liking can be difficult.