October 27th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Search engine advertisings are the advertisements based on some specific keywords. These advertisements are also called targeted advertisements because they are centered around keywords. Some confuse search engine advertising with search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) are not advertisements, they are results based on keywords which are mostly searched by the users of the search engine. These listings are obtained using high level techniques of optimization.

As mentioned above, search engine advertising is always based on keywords which is opposite to the conventional advertising. The best thing about the search engine advertising is that it is initiated by the buyers whereas in conventional advertisement sellers initiate the advertisement. SEO is used a lot in search engine advertising as a well planned SEO technique will result in getting good and accurate search results. People looking for some specific product can get their desired search result on the first two pages of the search engine and they will not have to go further.

In the search engine advertising, user is able to see the advertisement as soon as he searches for the specified product. Where as in the conventional advertisement it is not guaranteed that whether the buyer of the product will be able to see the advertisement or not. So, if you have implemented good SEO technique in your search engine advertising then there are more chances that your product becomes visible to the buyer in the first five links shown by the search engine. You also have the possibility that after seeing your product the buyer will buy your product immediately.

If you got a good search engine advertising and a sophisticated SEO technique, even then your success is not guaranteed. Once the buyer has got into your website, you must grab his attention, because user browsing the web are very impatient and if they don’t find anything attractive in your website they will simply go back to the search engine and look for other links. So to ensure that the user enters your website and leaves after buying something then you must ensure that your website is attractive enough to grab the attention of the buyer immediately and also your products are good enough that the the buyer is forced to buy it.

So in a search engine advertising the major step is to convert the visitor of your website into the customer. In other words you can say that search engine advertising technique is about visibility of the product as well as conversion of visitor to customer. To get more customers using this technique you must grab the attention of the visitor, then convert the visitor to customer by becoming more precise and targeted on every webpage the visitor sees on your website.

Search engine advertising is much more effective than the traditional advertisement techniques like billboards, TV ads, newspaper ads etc. you can understand the importance of search engine advertising by an example that there are two groups of people. One group is that which comes to your doorstep on its own and buys your product and the other group is the one which is randomly walking down the street and you pick them up and convince them to buy their product, even if they are not interested in buying it. Obviously everyone will like the first group of people which can also be referred to as the one using search engine advertising.