Search Engine Retargeting a Whole New Dimension

December 3rd, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Search Engine Retargeting a Whole New Dimension
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search engine retargeting

Search Engine Retargeting?

Those users, who happen to search the keywords that you have embedded in your website but eventually do not happen to land on your website, are not lost. You have a life line to bring in them to your website again through Search Engine Retargeting and displaying the ads of search performed by the user. This is a great opportunity, even when your website is ranked in the first two pages of search performed by users still a miniature fraction of them land on the website. The other half of this segment is huge enough that looks promising to connect with.

Ways to get back on track:

There are many ways that will not only help you to connect with lost prospects but you can even wider your scope and nature of Search Engine Retargeting to increase the appeal of your website and bring in more traffic. The battle for top 10 and 20 search result has been completed taken to a new dimension of targeting the users that performed a certain search and then showing them the related content on users preferred website. This methodology has been verified though statistics that shows page views are increasing more rapidly than search performed on search engines. So, it is promising to look into the field of displaying relevant contents to potential users.

Let’s take an example for sake of an argument, the idea taken by website owners or SEO is that there are 200,000 distinctive searches for your keywords if you remain on the first pages of search engines which becomes a bit complicated due to factors like personalization, locality comes into play. But these prospects can be retargeted through placing ads according to their searchers on publisher sites, which will result in much more intimation. If you are targeting your prospects by displaying an ad for an average of 4 times they have searched for. That’s 400,000 intimations to them with relevant content, which would eventually result in more engagement than taking up a battle with 200,000 competitor’s link on a search page. Search Engine Retargeting would eventually bring you better results due to its narrower targeting nature and improved coverage.

Changing diversity

Search Engine Retargeting has confined the type of targeting done by a SEO specialist and have compelled marketers to think out of the box for. The traditional way, which was to simply shape and have a heads on to the ranking battle and getting a hold to paid ads for increasing the coverage. Once a user has performed a search and has landed on his preferred website then the only way to engage with him is through targeted display ad.

The step on this technology and initiation of Search Engine Retargeting has made companies aware of potential and strength of Search Engine Retargeting. The spending on display ad would eventually triple by 2016 in US. Those companies that are involved in Search Engine Retargeting are eventually growing and expanding leaps and bounds as the profit from this new methodology is increasing as we speak by minute.


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