Shocking News of SEO Being Dead

November 10th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Shocking News of SEO Being Dead
Search Engine Optimization

Andre Weyher, an ex-Google employee has just said that pleasing Google with SEO will not work anymore. This is the news that has shattered hopes of many people who are related to the world of internet marketing. He also suggested that people need to work on their websites like SEO never existed and if SEO was a part of their marketing strategy then the strategy must be changed soon. Andre Weyher has worked with the Google’s search quality team for around two years and recently gave this news to James Norguay who is a digital marketer in Australia. This news about dying of SEO has alerted many internet marketers and a lot of people are concerned about it.

It is still to be known whether this news is solid or just an opinion of Andre Weyher. Google officials have not said anything on this matter yet and no official comments are made yet. Website owners have started to notice that SEO is being less effective these days which might mean that Andre Weyher is right. Buying links from some pages is getting difficult and so is getting back links. Joining link wheels is also not easy anymore and choosing correct keywords is not what it takes to get the top spot in search engines anymore.

In one way, this is actually good news. Most businesses do not play with Google’s algorithms and pay high sums of money on the creative teams. There are also many fraud and ineffective businesses on the internet who promise webmasters in getting the number one spot on search engines if they use their services. There are many SEO companies who are not as effective as they promise to be and Andre Weyher’s comments on future of SEO might just eliminate such ineffective SEO companies and encourage webmasters to make an effort on their own. This will bring out the creativity in many people and improve the online environment making the competition fair.

Due to the news about SEO’s future, most internet marketing companies will go out of business and might have to stop operating completely. Some might have to change strategies and find a way to break the system. Some may find it and many would not. With Google’s updated software it is unlikely that people will find any loopholes.

The solution to this problem is not as hard as it sounds like. In order to succeed without SEO, all you need to get is real links. It does require effort but by getting real links you can get more views as well. You can also use press releases and media in order to promote your products and services. In order to do the real marketing you need to forget that Google exists anymore. This way you can build meaningful relationships with the market and target customers. You can always take help from social media and blogs.

With SEO being claimed to die soon, you can always use direct responses from customers or use advertising through networking.

Do we at Onlineincomejobs.com, think SEO is dead? NEVER! It will always be around and will continue to benefit all of us long term, so keep on SEO-ing! :)