Snapshot Success: 4 Tips for Using Instagram as a Marketing Tool

January 23rd, 2014 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Snapshot Success: 4 Tips for Using Instagram as a Marketing   Tool
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With as much influence that viral media can have on the internet, it would be great if businesses could use that outlet to promote their own business. Luckily, businesses can. With Instagram, businesses can great a profile that customers can follow to find out information that is specific to that company. Here are some tips on how to use Instagram successfully for your business.

Be Creative

When you go to post pictures on Instagram, don’t just post them as is. Instead, use the included filters and other options that you can apply to your photos that really make them stand out. The more dynamic and beautiful your photos are, the more likely people will be to like and share them with their friends.

Work and Play

As you upload pictures to your Instagram profile, manage it between both fun and serious work. Balance memes with photos that you take of your own and other important photos. As you do this, people will stay interested and entertained by what you post, rather than think that you are just trying to sell them every time you upload something. Also, memes can be shared, which increases the potential of your company getting recognized.

Promotional Photographs

Promotional products are a great idea to give away items to people to increase the awareness of your brand. But awareness can be increased even further if you implement your branding into your Instagram account. Try finding ways to feature photos of your promotional products on your Instagram account, whether it be the product itself, or someone wearing a shirt or hat with your logo on it. The more creative photos that you put on Instagram with your promotional products, the more potential exposure you are likely to get. And as you make extremely beautiful photos with filters and adjustments, your followers are likely to share your pictures and get them even further recognition than just what your account is doing on its own.

Use Video


Instagram offers a video feature that can be extremely helpful for your company as well. With using the short six-second clip, you can inform your customers of new products or services you are offering, deals and promotions, snippets of information from your company and so much more. You can also share videos that are viral and popular, in the hopes that people will share that and gain more popularity for your Instagram profile and your company.


Instagram is a great tool that can help you market your company. When done correctly, you can share photos, memes and videos that really interest people and draw their attention in for more. Consider the tips on this list for making the most of your Instagram profile and getting the most attention possible.


This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for business, finance, women’s interests, and technology. You can also incorporate your promotional products into your Instagram posts by making custom zipper pulls, and then take pictures of them and post them on your Instagram profile. Another option for custom promotional gear is plastic key tags that have your company name or logo on them.