Stream Locally, Reach Globally: Benefits Of Webinars

January 27th, 2014 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Stream Locally, Reach Globally: Benefits Of Webinars
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Webinars and live event streaming has grown in popularity with help from the rise in technology.
This has had a great influence of many businesses and the audience that they can appeal to.
By streaming locally from your own offices, you are still able to reach out to an extremely large
audience. Highlighted are 5 reasons why webinars have become so popular and what their benefit is
to your business:

1. Outreach – As mentioned above, the possible reach of a webinar beats any event audience
because of its simple accessibility and its ability to be shared among other businesses.
A venue which might only be able to hold around 100 people cannot compete with
the hundreds, maybe thousands of people that can stream your presentation on their

2. ROI – As a business owner it is always important to think about return on investment and
with webinars you are able to cut down costs that you would pay hiring out a venue by using
your own office space. With this, your profits could also improve too. By offering tickets to
your online stream, people are paying to watch and you don’t use this money on a venue or
travelling to the event.

3. Improve Company Credibility – Businesses try all sorts of things to market their business and
their efforts are often untraceable, but webinars allow your company to improve the brand’s
credibility by sharing your knowledge with other businesses and people. A webinar is more
than just away to share knowledge and credibility though, it gives people a trust of your

4. Save Your Time – Everyone knows time is money, so saving as much time as possible is a
bonus and webinars help that happen. Time is one of the most difficult things to conquer in
business but webinars are a real time-saver. Time is saved on travel, as well as saving a great
deal of time for your employees who may have had to spend a whole day out of the office at
an event.

5. Work Smarter, Not Harder – We would all like to work less and although this seems pretty
much unachievable, webinars allow your business to be smarter. Reaching more people,
saving less time and giving you a greater return on investment seems pretty smart to me.
Internet technology never fails to impress people every year and this year looks it could be the year
for video. With that, 2014 could also be the year where we all spend more time on webinars and less
time on hosting venue-based events.

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