Three Important Questions to Ask to an SEO Applicant

January 21st, 2014 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Three Important Questions to Ask to an SEO Applicant
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Just when almost every company hires SEO experts, a lot of people have been pretending to really know how to play this game. It is hard to blame, because, after all, an SEO job pays good money. Thus, the vetting process for hiring an expert should be made more determinant. How can that be accomplished?


During an interview, a company – through its human resource manager or any representative — typically would be able to determine whether an applicant is suitable to be offered with the job he or she is applying for. But to be able to achieve that, an interviewer should not just ask any question. He should know the right questions to ask. In addition, an interviewer should know why those questions should be asked, so that the vetting process would become more effective.


The same could be said for choosing an applicant for an SEO post. An interviewee should know exactly what ask as well as exactly why those questions are being asked.


How do you do what you do?


An SEO expert is not a miracle worker. Results cannot be acquired if an SEO expert does not really know what he is doing. Typically, SEO experts have a long list of techniques that they know could work and have picked a number of them that better suit their client’s SEO needs. By asking the above question, the interviewer would have a good glimpse on how the applicant would do the job required of him. Likewise, the interviewer would have a good idea whether the applicant’s choice of SEO techniques and methods of doing them would fit the company’s needs and play with its work philosophy.


What do you consider as your biggest SEO achievement?


Poor SEO vendors aiming to sell their skills typically would answer that their top SEO achievement is getting a high ranking for certain set or number of keywords. This only means that these applicants only aim to get personal achievements that may or not help the business succeed. A real SEO expert does not just care about how high the site or sites have achieved in terms of search engine rankings, but most of all care about how his or her work helps the company achieve its goals. Asking the above question would allow an interviewer to tell whether an applicant really knows why the company is looking for an SEO expert.


What is your biggest SEO failure?


At some point in their careers, SEO experts had committed some errors and some failures. Thus, it would be a blatant lie for an interviewee to claim that so far, he has not had any SEO failure. While it is a scary question for applicants to answer, it will show how far one, once hired, could do for the company or business. Those who are brave enough to admit and tell their biggest SEO failures are usually those who know that the road to success is not a smooth one. SEO failures are typically those that have made many experts become more skilful and knowledgeable of their jobs, especially that search engines constantly change their algorithm and criteria for rankings.

By asking those three questions above to an SEO applicant, an interviewer would have a better idea whether that person has enough guts and expertise to meet the demand for his skills and knowledge. Most of all, those three question will help determine whether an applicant could help the company achieve its goals.

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James Mills is a full time SEO freelancer and a writer. This post is written by him to give some tips to website owners planning to hire an SEO personnel. Prior to these, he has also contributed some works on academic essay writing.


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