Three Rules for Creating a Top Viral Marketing Campaign

May 12th, 2013 | by onlineincomejobs.com
Three Rules for Creating a Top Viral Marketing Campaign
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Perhaps the most powerful viral marketing technique involves the use of video. While some schools of thought hold the videos cannot be created and viral, and then viral videos are merely a thing of chance, this wholly dismisses the fact that marketing has always been designed to promote any “viral” response.

What Is Viral Marketing?

Yes, even before YouTube, and even before the Internet, marketing has had as its root purpose the creation of “buzz” for a brand or product. That buzz or chatter about a brand or product was intended to sweep the airwaves, the corporate water fountains, as well as the kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms of the world. The goal was to make a brand name a household word. You cannot get much more viral than when your brand name is a household word.

One example of strong video viral marketing is the annual parade of Super Bowl TV commercials. The commercials are designed to cause maximum buzz and chatter, maximum viewing of the brand’s commercial on YouTube, and maximum traffic to the brand’s website.

Anyone can take a cue from the Super Bowl commercials and create a video that contains all the elements of a viral video campaign. While it is true that the mere creation of a video with the intent that that video go viral does not guarantee that the video will go viral, if the video contains all the elements and is well made it stands as good a chance as any marketing video to catch the public eye and take off into the world of viral marketing.

RULE #1 Create a Compelling Concept

To increase the chances that your video will go viral, you should include the following elements:

  • The kitschy title
  • An eye-catching thumbnail
  • Correct keywords in title, tags, and description
  • A clear message that emphasizes your brand and appeals to your niche audience
  • A clever concept that compels viewing
  • If used, a speaker who delivers the message with proper pronunciation
  • If used, appropriate music mixed down at the appropriate levels
  • A clear call to action including necessary details (phone number, web address, etc.)

RULE #2 Inspire Sharing with These Essential Elements

When you are developing your concept, keep in mind that sharing is the root of our marketing. Therefore, create a concept that will demand viewers share it with others because it is so:

  • Relevant, important
  • Compelling, urgent, time-sensitive
  • Unusual, odd, weird, strange
  • Cute, adorable, precious
  • Awesome, extreme, exciting
  • Funny, hilarious, asinine, stupid
  • Thought provoking, clever, intriguing
  • Inspiring, motivational, moving
  • Dreadful, crushing, horrifying, fear-invoking

It is unlikely that any one video concept our marketing message will contain all the elements above. However, it is conceivable that multiple elements can be combined to make the video more likely to become viral.

A thought provoking message about a dreadful new disease may be compelling and relevant. A tiny kitten purring lovingly against the leg of a large bulldog may be adorable, moving, and funny.

Rule #3 Utilize All Niche-Appropriate Channels

Once you have created your video, the next step is to ensure that as many people see it as possible. Here are some ways you can accomplish that:

  • Upload the video to all appropriate video websites
  • Upload a video to your social media sites asking that viewers share it
  • Upload a video to your website, professional profile, and blog
  • E-mail the video with appropriate message to the e-mail list
  • Send a video to appropriate blogs and ask that they share it with readers
  • Place comments and appropriate forms with link if permissible
  • Send press release to appropriate news sites & offline news agencies with a link
  • Send a link to family and friends announce that they share it
  • Reformat the press release as an article and submit to article sites
  • Include the link to your video in all marketing communication pieces

When we talk about appropriateness we mean those sites, blogs, forums, etc., that appeal to or serve the same audience that makes up the audience in your niche. Focusing on the niche audience ensures a higher rate of response to your call to action. For instance, if you are a steakhouse and you spend time identifying and communicating with sites visited primarily by vegan and vegetarians, you are obviously wasting your time.

Use of correct keywords in your video’s title, tags, and description is of primary importance. This is how Internet users search for topics and videos on the World Wide Web. It is recommended that you use tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool to determine the most effective keywords for your message.

The same rules that apply to video viral marketing apply to all the forms of marketing communication that you hope to go viral. By focusing on the steps presented, you’ll be able to launch yourviral marketing campaign confident you’ve done all you can to maximize return.

From our Guest Blogger,

By Evgenia Bobyleva. Evgenia is a search marketer at Datadial – Web Marketing Agency in West London.