Twitter as a Social Bookmarking

October 26th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Twitter serves as a social networking and micro blogging service that enables its registered users to exchange messages called tweets with a character limit of 140. The service has gained worldwide popularity and generated worldwide popularity since its inception 2006.

There has been an insight that reveals how to post URLs on twitter, and saves tweet as an easy to find bookmark in the browser. The gear looks pretty useful in adopting the new tools and making Social Bookmarking an experience. If you wish to acquire success in the field of traffic buildup, then you need to ensure the aspect of the Social media advertisement does not go amiss

Social Bookmarking enables you to share the bookmarks online. It usually uses assigned keyword descriptor which helps in tagging the bookmark or link they want to share and save to the public website.

Those Social Bookmarking sites that require you to register and then saves your bookmarks for private use only or sharing them and making them available for public viewing. Many tools are offered for Social Bookmarking through a button that is available on the browser.

Twitter is a form of micro blogging which group instant messaging, it usually shares become the hot spot because people share many links on it. Twitter is considered as a new Social Bookmarking service. Many third-party add-ons and services provide additional features that require Twitter data as a prerequisite.

Social Bookmarking system enables users to share webpage they like with their friends and publicly. The bookmarks are public and can be shared privately with the specific friend list or that belong to a certain network or public and private websites.

Twitter enables Social Bookmarking through a URL shortening with public and private groups. As there is a word limit on every post so that the URL is shortened with “tinyurl” feature of the short URL.

Social Bookmarking also is available in market their content to the public, many publishers use Social Bookmarking to promote their websites. Google and other search engines give more preference to the website as the back links and SEO enables the users to search the articles and make them readily available to the reader. Getting links to Social Bookmarking sites can help market a website.

When using twitterfeed and creating an account, user heads over to “my feeds” and “create a new twitter feed” you can paste the URL and paste with additional information and then the tweet would readily be available for your followers to know what you wanted to share with them

The Social Bookmarking is a new way of sharing the visually contents with private and public groups, with added feature of commenting on the shared content and getting views from the general public at large and getting to know that your brand campaign is increasing your ROI on it.

According to the reporting site they analyze the links saving patterns of their users to determine which bookmark is trending at the moment throughout the world and reflecting the interest of the public. The interest of public is reflected through what you save and share.