Using Facebook as Social Bookmarking

October 25th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

In the current century, the company behind sharing contents online between friends called “Share This” claims that after emailing a link, the most preferred method of Social Bookmarking is now “Facebook”. The numbers are interesting with some admonition to keep in mind


In the era of web 2.0, many bloggers use the favorite method of sharing by Email. Personalized email does have a huge impact but having shared items through Digg or

Facebook has the potential to reach many, many more people.

The popular way that has emerged recently to share items from off-site is Facebook and MySpace. These social websites have supported sharing than just devoted to Social Bookmarking sites.

Why Facebook

It is on the publisher end to make a choice to add the option for “Share This” system on their website, with the option to choose which buttons to include. It’s an important detail to take into consideration which service to use and it also considers its importance. The data through “Share This” reveals that after emailing the second most effective method of Social Bookmarking a website is Facebook.


You should take into consideration the following

The information on the website and the user may differ. A dissimilar community exists with different topics of concern and they have different trends in the sharing tools they use. We can assume that there are not many users who use ReadWriteWeb on MySpace, but reality may differ.

Bookmarklets are used by some of these services. Delicious users have a service of its own bookmarklet, they don’t necessarily are sharing primarily but rather they are Social Bookmarking for personal use.

An important point of notice is here that using email, Facebook and MySpace which are the most popular ways for people to share things online and these are the things that are neglected by publishers at their own risk.

Blogging Gear


WordPress advantage is that there are various plugins that it allows you to automatically link back to the blog post. Means that you will have the article posted on your profile page posted automatically when you post it on your WordPress blog.


Everyone in your friends list will be able to view your post and get to know the insight about the content. If an image is posted, a thumbnail will be shown on Facebook. There are many WordPress Facebook plugins which includes the following

Facebook Dashboard:

Facebook data is easily fetched and delivered to you. This widget is available in the WordPress and above and the plugin will help inundating your Friends status updates, the RSS feed, news feeds and the notifications and you can remain updated with what’s happening in your friends lives without the need of Facebook.

Add to Facebook:

It adds a link to the current post link to Facebook Mini-feed. A link appears as the content of the post is displayed “Share on Facebook” or a Facebook icon would appear. On clicking it Facebook site would be initiated in which if the user is logged in the post will be pleased with the account of the user.