October 27th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Advertisers and marketers are constantly looking for different new ways of advertisement. Many of us are familiar with pay per click advertisement. Pay per click has become an old way of advertisement and is being replaced by contextual advertising known as “cost per view” advertising. In cost per view advertising advertiser pays for the pop ups showing ads. In these pop ups user installs adware. It should be noted that user installs adware not spyware. There is a significant difference between adware and spyware. Spyware is malicious softwares whereas adware are small parts of the software. Voomble is a perfect example of adware as it provides users with different wallpapers and screensavers which comes along with its adware.

In CPV, you can place your bid on different urls and keywords. In this way when a user search for that keyword or visit the url a pop up is displayed containing ad on it. The size of the pop up containing the ad is limited and you can’t go beyond that limit. If you want your CPV advertising campaign to be successful then you should ensure that your landing page is capable of working in smaller pop up windows also.

Cost of this advertising is not fixed and varies depending upon the keyword or URL. If the keyword is very popular or the URL has huge traffic then the cost will rise. The cost can be as low as a few cents per view or it can raise up to $1 per view or more. It must be kept in mind that you have to pay for every pop up that appears irrespective of the fact that the user sees that ad or straight away close it.

Many affiliates are drawn towards this CPV because of the cheap bids. Cheap bids can help you make more profit. There are some networks which huge traffic foe some URL’s but hey are very expensive and you can run out of your budget very soon if you don’t think wisely. If you spend wisely then you can make a good return on investment. To earn money with CPV then you should spend some time on gathering information about it, have patience for results and some money to invest too. If you do all these things then the results will be very stunning.

There are several types of CPV advertisement from which some are given below:

  • Software Based: Traffic in software based CPV is a software such as search bar or toolbar which is installed by the user on its own will. The user installs that toolbar in his browser to get content like videos, games or some other stuff. Advertisements are usually displayed in pop ups or pop under windows.
  • Publisher Based: In publisher based or network based CPV advertisement, the publisher are the site owners who display ads on their websites. The ads are usually on the same page but can be in the pop ups or pop unders. When you click on the advertisement you are taken into another page called a landing page.