October 27th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

PPV stands for Pay Per Veiw. Many people often mistake this advertising technique with PPC or CPM. It should be clear that on Pay Per View you have to pay whenever your landing page is viewed. There is no click involved in PPV as the landing page of your ad opens in a pop up window. PPV gets popular day by day and there are lots of reasons behind this popularity. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Higher Profit: PPV is high profit means of advertising. One can get a lot of profit using this PPV technique as the landing page is viewed by the user. Therefore there is more possibility that the user becomes your customer and buy something from your website.
  • Limited Competition: There was a time when PPC advertising was very profitable. One can get his PPC campaign started at a very low price but suddenly people came to know about PPC and its success stories spread like fire. People rushed towards PPC and the bidding rate shot up. At that moment PPV came into action and is still in action. This technique is cheap and promises a good return on investment. PPV is getting popular but still competition is not much higher in PPV. PPV is not much crowded therefore opportunities are available to be taken by the advertisers. There are many popular keywords available which can be used to generate good revenues. As described at the start how PPC became much competitive and expensive with the passage of time. Same is the case with PPV. Soon it will also become very competitive so now is the time to get maximum out of this technique.
  • ·         URL Targeting: Like PPC you can also bid on any keyword in PPV. You can bid on keywords which are present in the queries. In PPV there is one additional option and that is you can bid on URL’s also. This option is very valuable and one cannot imagine its worth right now. In PPV advertising URL bidding is very important. Bidding on URL’s can be very interesting and the results of this bidding can be very stunning and shocking too. If you make the right bid at the right time then you can make your campaign significantly profitable and you can have great outcomes which simple keyword bidding cannot provide you.
  •  Limited Restrictions: Those who have used PPC are very much familiar with the environment of PPC. It is very annoying to work with PPC in an environment which is full of restrictions. Take google Adwords as an example. There are so many restrictions on Google Adwords that one gets frustrated and annoyed by it. Contents of your advertisement are checked very strictly. Your pages are given quality scores and are analyzed under tight rules and regulation which results in increased price. On the other hand, PPV is free of all kinds of rules, regulations and restrictions. You can create your ads freely and with full authority.

This discussion shows that PPV is becoming popular not accidentally but due to strong reasons present behind it.