October 27th, 2012 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Traditional advertisements are not for targeted customers, they are for all the people watching or listening to the advertisement but search engine advertising is only for serious customers who are really willing to get information about your service or product and will buy it if they find it suitable for them. Many people ask that why should they use search engine advertising? How can it help in their business? How much will it cost? The answer to all these questions are given below:

  • Grab attention of potential buyers:

Search engine advertising is the best way to get potential customers. These kind of advertising can help in increasing the popularity of your company, your product or service and your website too. If your website gets popular then the number of people visiting your website will increase significantly and if people visiting your website increases then this will increase their interest in buying the product or service you have offered.

By increasing your visitors you cannot generate more profit but this can help in promoting your product or service. But remember if you are just increasing your number of visitors without selling your product or service then this is not useful.

  • Increased sales:

One should use search engine advertising effective and efficient so that this can help increase your sales. If you have an online shopping store or direct telephone booking than people can buy the product or service directly from you without any interference of a third party, hence increasing your sales and also increasing your profit margin.

This should also be kept in mind that you should spend an amount of money on search engine advertising, which you can get back with some profit. If you are getting profit of $2 on your product and pay that $2 for every click on your ad than this is not beneficial for you.

  • Cost:

The cost of search engine advertising varies from company to company and is mostly based on following things:

  • Keyword on which you want to advertise: In this case bidding comes into the action. When you advertise on any keyword then your competitors bid against you. So in this case you should also bid but bid sensibly not emotionally. This should not happen that your bid is very high and the profit you are making from these ads is very low. This will go against you. Moreover if you wish to advertise on more keywords then the cost of advertising will increase accordingly.
  • Where you want to be placed: If you want to be placed in the top search results than this will cost you more. If you are among the top links then the chances of getting potential customers increase hence possibility of making more profit also increases.
  • Quality Score: Search engines give your ads a quality score depending upon the relevance of your words with the product you are offering. If you are selling laptops and your ads talk about some food then your quality score will be low. If your quality score is low then you will appear in lower in the search engine results and you will have to pay more as you will not get potential customers.
  • Target people: Search engine advertising allows you to set a budget and get targeted customers within that budget. If you have a budget of $50 you can have 5 clicks, 50 clicks or 500 clicks depending upon the the above mentioned facts.