WordPress Tutorial – Learn How to use the Editor

May 19th, 2014 | by onlineincomejobs.com

Welcome back to our WordPress Tutorial Series.

Watch our Free WordPress Tutorial – Editor

Transcript provided below.


In this video i will guide you thru the post EDITOR.

Ok, so let’s get started.

As we logg in to our DASHBOARD

On the left hand panel, we hover over POSTS, the submenu will appear

Let’s go ahead and click on All Posts..

Now we will have a list view, of all the posts that where published on the website.

When you hover your mouse over a post title, options to EDIT, Quick EDiT, Deleate or view appear.

Let’s go ahead and click EDIT,.

As we do so, we can see what looks just like a word processor.

At the top Here, we see our posts TITLE. we easily can modify it if we like.

Just below is the PERMA-LINK this is basicly the URL to your post.

We’re not going to modify that part.

Just below is our text box, Let’s go ahead and type something…for our article

You can use the Text box tools to change your font type, text size, insert links, images and more.

IT’s recommended that you play around with the features in order to get experienced with the editor

and get a feel of how it works.

You can Add media to your posts by clicking the Add Media Button Here, and uploading your desired content.

On the lower right side you are able to select the format of your post, in this case it’s standard.

Once your done, In Order to update your post , click UPDATE on the righthand side, HERE

Now let’s click VIEW POST, here and see what we have…

Now i showed you the functionality of the editor on an already published post, however the editor works in

the eaxact same way for a NEW POST.

Posts can also be saved as drafts until you are happy with what you want to publish.

IT’s as simple as that to write an article using wordpress, you may create diferent categories for your articles and sort them as you wish.

Adding content to pages works the exact same way.

This about covers functionality of the wordpress editor.